Consider it a win-win situation: The CarFinders experts carefully research every vehicle on the lot to provide you with a high-quality ride you can be proud of, and with pre-owned Toyota models, you add the brand’s own impressive reputation for dependability. When you also take into account CarFinders’ commitment to a hassle-free shopping and easy financing, it’s no wonder so many shoppers in the Denver area are driving our cars! Come see our current inventory, online or in person, and join the club.


Taking advantage of Toyota’s well-deserved reputation doesn’t come free — but it can come at a discount. That’s because when you buy pre-owned models, it’s past owners who pay for depreciation. Their brand-new rides begin losing value as soon as they hit the road, and they can depreciate by roughly 20% after a single year in service. In other words, you can save that amount simply by purchasing a year-old Toyota rather than a new one. The depreciation, and discounts, keep growing, too, so that after five years, the typical new car has lost 60% of its value to depreciation alone. And don’t forget that insurance rates tend to be based on value as well, for another way to save money with a pre-owned Toyota. Shopping in the pre-owned marketplace can also supply you with more vehicle choices than when you limit yourself to only considering new models. It’s the difference between looking at the new Toyotas offered for a given year versus looking at used Toyotas from many model years.

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Most people think of advanced hybrid powertrains when they think of Toyota technology, but this is a company that covers all the bases. In fact, even pre-owned Toyota models are available with the kind of smart safety measures and simple-to-use infotainment resources that you need to master your days. (Just remember that exact features will vary by model.)

  • Many used Toyotas, including the more affordable ones, come standard with Safety Sense technology that can help keep you out of harm’s way with automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and surround-view cameras.
  • Head-up displays, massive touchscreens, and camera-based digital rearview mirrors can give you a better view of your world and your vehicle’s key operating systems.
  • Toyota goes above and beyond when it comes to connectivity, thanks to used cars and trucks with WiFi capability, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and wireless charging.
  • Take care of your family’s needs with Toyota technologies such as the Driver Easy Speak in-cabin PA system and HD rear entertainment systems.
  • High-performance upgrades from Toyota Racing Development (TRD) can be found on many used Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • Of course, Toyota is still a leader for hybrid technology, offering systems to enhance fuel economy in cars, SUVs, and minivans alike.


As a full-line automaker, Toyota can meet your needs, budget, and lifestyle with small hatchbacks, large sedans, stylish crossovers, true SUVs, robust trucks, versatile minivans, and more. Just keep in mind that CarFinders is always searching for fresh inventory, so the vehicles here are just a sampling of what you might find on our lot.

  • Capable, comfortable, and bold, Toyota’s popular crossovers such as the RAV4, Highlander, Venza, and C-HR are some of our favorite models, especially because many also are available with hybrid powertrains for adventurous efficiency.
  • The Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia SUVs can answer the call of the wild with robust body-on-frame construction plus rewarding modern technologies.
  • More strength and style comes courtesy of the brand’s two trucks, the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma that are ready to pull, play, and perform on your command.
  • The Toyota Prii — including the Prius, Prius v, Prius c, and Prius Prime — remain leading choices for green drivers across the country.
  • The Toyota 86 and GR Supra are both specifically engineered for enthusiast driving with rear-wheel drive, purpose-built chassis, and sleek sports-car designs.
  • Minivan fans can keep their swagger with the Toyota Sienna that showcases available hybrid and all-wheel-drive powertrains for family-friendly benefits you’ll definitely appreciate.
  • Toyota remains fully committed to the car segments with the Toyota Corolla, Camry, and upscale Avalon, all of which offer hybrid powertrains and intelligent technology.


With a history that runs from automatic looms to automatic transmissions, Toyota has been a fixture in Japan’s economy since the 1930s. As for the brand’s automotive roots, those trace their way back to the 1933 Model AA sedan that was the very first Toyota car. The company began selling its first U.S. vehicle, the Toyota Crown, in 1956. Initially launching with just a single dealership in this country, Toyota sold only 288 vehicles in its first year here. Yet momentum was clearly building. The one-millionth Toyota was sold in the United States by 1972, and the company began making cars here in 1986. In 2002, the Toyota Camry became the best-selling car in the country. Today, this brand remains a top-selling choice for Denver, too!

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